asus_laptop_repairs TYPICAL SYMPTOMS:

– laptop doesn’t turn on, turn off itself or restarts/reboots constantly
– laptop beeps on startup or continuously and system doesn’t boot
– laptop turns on but no display (screen is black)
– laptop has artefacts (screen is all distorted)
– laptop works in low resolution, but VGA driver is installed correctly
– drivers cannot be installed properly (especially VGA drivers)
– wifi adapter or usb ports gone missing (sometimes also other devices)


– REBALLING BGA CHIP (GPU, NB, SB, chipset, CPU) – possible with most ATI and Intel chips
– REPLACEMENT BGA CHIP FOR NEW ONE – this method is most reliable, we recommend it
– MOTHERBOARD REPLACEMENT FOR NEW ONE – when reballing or replacement chip is not possible



– broken screen, cracked screen -> solution -> LAPTOP’S LCD SCREEN REPLACEMENT

– viruses, malware, spyware, trojans, problems with browsing, annoying adds -> solution -> VIRUSES/MALWARES REMOVAL

– laptop is hot, running loudly and slowly, suddenly shuts down by itself -> solution -> LAPTOP FAN CLEANING FROM DUST

– problem with Windows, laptop slowly working, problem with updates -> solution -> WINDOWS REPAIRING (ALL VERSONS)

– flooded laptop -> solution -> CLEANING FLOODED MOTHERBOARD

– laptop is running slow, freezing, BSOD’ing, HDD led blinking constantly -> solution -> LAPTOP HDD OR SSD REPLACEMENT

– lost data, HDD/SDD/Pendrive malfunction -> solution -> DATA RECOVERY

– laptop doesn’t turn on and also doesn’t charge battery, LEDs not blinking -> solution -> MOTHERBOARD ELECTRONIC REPAIR

– screen is flickering or going black when moving laptop -> solution -> LCD DATA SCREEN CABLE REPLACEMENT

– keyboard typing wrong characters, typing simultaneously or not typing -> solution -> KEYBOARD OR PALMREST REPLACEMENT

– hinge is broken, hinges stop working, problem with opening -> solution -> HINGES AND BRACKETS REPLACEMENT


Please remember ! These are only examlplary symptoms and solutions, but we always diagnose your laptop for free and you decide whether to fix it or not. We repair all models of Asus laptops.



ASUS A-Series
laptop_asus_a6_series_repairs Serie w rodzinie ASUS A-Series:
A1000 Series, A2000 Series, A3000 Series, A40 Series, A4000 Series, A41 Series, A42 Series, A43 Series, A45 series, A5 Series, A52 Series, A53 Series, A54 Series, A55 Series, A6000 Series, A7 Series, A72 Series, A73 Series, A75 Series, A8 Series, A83 Series, A84 Series, A9 Series, A93 Series, A95 Series.
Lista modeli w rodzinie A-Series:
A1B, A1D, A1F, A2C, A2D, A2Dc, A2E, A2G, A2H, A2K, A2L, A2S, A2T, A3, Ac, A3E, A3F, A3Fc, A3Fp, A3G, A3H, A3Hf, A3L, A3N, A3V, A3Vc, A3Vp, A40DE, A40DR, A40DY, A40F, A40JA, A40JB, A40JC, A40JE, A40JK, A40JP, A40JR, A40JV, A40JY, A40JZ, A40N, A4D, A4G, A4Ga, A4K, A4Ka, A4L, A4S, A4Sp, A41ID, A41IE, A41IN, A42DE, A42DQ, A42DR, A42DY, A42F, A42JA, A42JB, A42JC, A42JE, A42JK, A42JP, A42Jr, A42JV, A42JY, A42JZ, A42N, A43BR, A43BY, A43E, A43SA, A43SD, A43SJ, A43SM, A43SV, A43TA, A43TK, A43U, A45A, A45DE, A45DR, A45N, A45VD, A45VG, A45VM, A45VS, A5E, A5Eb, A5Ec, A52BY, A52DE, A52Dr, A52DY, A52F, A52JB, A52JC, A52JE, A52JK, A52JR, A52JT, A52JU, A52JV, A52N, A53BR, A53BY, A53E, A53SC, A53SD, A53SJ, A53SK, A53SM, A53SV, A53TA, A53TK, A53U, A53Z, A54C, A54H, A54HR, A54HY, A54L, A54LY, A55A, A55DE, A55DR, A55N, A55VD, A55VM, A55VS, A6F, A6G, A6Ga, A6J, A6Ja, A6JC, A6Je, A6Jm, A6K, A6Km, A6Kt, A6L, A6M, A6Ne, A6R, A6Rp, A6T, A6Tc, A6U, A6V, A6Va, A6Vc, A6Vm, A7C, A7Cb, A7Cc, A7Cd, A7D, A7Db, A7Dc, A7F, A7G, A7J, A7Jb, A7Jc, A7K, A7M, A7S, A7Sn, A7Sv, A7T, A7U, A7V, A7Vb, A7Vc, A72DR, A72DY, A72F, A72JK, A72JR, A72JT, A72JU, A73BR, A73BY, A73E, A73SD, A73SJ, A73SM, A73SV, A73TA, A73TK, A75A, A75VD, A75VM, A8Dc, A8E, A8F, A8Fm, A8H, A8He, A8J, A8Ja, A8Jc, A8Je, A8Jm, A8JN, A8Jp, A8JR, A8JS, A8Le, A8M, A8N, A8Sc, A8Se, A8Sg, A8SR, A8T, A8Tc, A8Tm, A83BR, A83BY, A83E, A83SA, A83SD, A83SJ, A83SM, A83SV, A83TA, A83TK, A83U, A83BR, A83SD, A83SM, A84SJ, A9Rp, A9T, A93SM, A95VM.
ASUS F-Series
laptop_asus_f5_series_repairs Serie w rodzinie ASUS F-Series:
F2 Series,F3 Series, F5 Series, F50 Series, F52 Series, F6 Series, F7 Series, F70 Series, F7400 Series, F8 Series, F80 Series, F81 Series, F82 Series, F83 Series, F9 Series.
Lista modeli w rodzinie F-Series:
F2F, F2HF, F2J, F2Je, F3A, F3E, F3F, F3H, F3Ja, F3JC, F3Jm, F3JP, F3JR, F3Jv, F3K, F3Ka, F3Ke, F3L, F3M, F3P, F3Q, F3Sa, F3Sc, F3Se, F3Sg, F3Sr, F3Sv, F3T, F3Tc, F3U, F5CF5C(SIS672), F5GL, F5M, F5N, F5R, F5RL, F5SL, F5SR, F5V, F5VL, F5Z, F50GX, F50N, F50Q, F50Sf, F50SL, F50SV, F50Z, F52A, F52Q, F6A, F6E, F6H, F6S, F6V, F6Ve, F7E, F7F, F7Kr, F7L, F7Se, F7SR, F7Z, F70SL, F74, F74B, F8DC, F8P, F8Sa, F8Se, F8SG, F8SN, F8SP, F8Sr, F8SV, F8Tr, F8V, F8Va, F8Vr, F80Cr, F80L, F80Q, F80S, F81Se, F82A, F82Q, F83Cr, F83Se, F83T, F83VD, F83VF, F9Dc, F9E, F9F, F9J, F9S, F9SG.
ASUS K-Series
laptop_asus_k5_K7_series_repairs Serie w rodzinie ASUS K-Series:
K40 Series, K41 Series, K42 Series, K43 Series, K45 Series, K50 Series, K51 Series, K52 Series, K53 Series, K54 Series, K55 Series, K60 Series, K61 Series, k62 Series, K70 Series, K72 Series, K73 Series, K75 Series, K84 Series, K93 Series, K95 Series.
Lista modeli w rodzinie K-Series:
K40AB, K40AC, K40AD, K40AE, K40AF, K40C, K40ID, K40IE, K40IJ, K40IL, K40IN, K40IP, K41Se, K41VD, K41VF, K42De, K42DQ, K42Dr, K42DY, K42F, K42JA, K42JB, K42Jc, K42JE, K42JK, K42JP, K42Jr, K42Jv, K42JY, K42JZ, K42N, K43BR, K43BY, K43E, K43SA, K43SD, K43SJ, K43SM, K43SV, K43TA, K43TK, K43U, K45A, K45DE, K45DR, K45N, K45VD, K45VG, K45VM, K45VS, K50AB, K50AD, K50AE, K50AF, K50C, K50ID, K50IE, K50IJ, K50Ij, K50IL, K50IN, K50IP, K51AB, K51AC, K51AE, K51IO, K52De, K52Dr, K52DY, K52F, K52JB, K52Jc, K52Je, K52JK, K52Jr, K52JT, K52JU, K52JV, K52N, K53BR, K53BY, K53E, K53SC, K53SD, K53SJ, K53SK, K53SM, K53SV, K53TA, K53TK, K53U, K53Z, K54C, K54H, K54HR, K54HY, K54L, K54LY, K55A, K55DE, K55DR, K55N, K55VD, K55VM, K55VS, K60IJ, K60IL, K60IN, K61IC, K62F, K62Jr, K70AB, K70AC, K70AD, K70AE, K70AF,K70IC, K70ID, K70IJ, K70IL, K70IO, K72Dr, K72DY, K72F, K72JB, K72Jk, K72Jr, K72JT, K72JU, K73BR, K73BY, K73E, K73SD, K73SJ, K73SM, K73SV, K73TA, K73TK, K75A, K75VD, K75VM, K84C, K84H, K84HR, K84HY, K84L, K84LY, K93SM, K93SV, K95VM.
ASUS X-Series
laptop_asus_x_series_repairs Serie w rodzinie ASUS X-Series:
X23 Series, X24 Series, X32 Series, X33 Series, X34 Series, X35 Series, X36 Series, X37 Series,X40 Series, X42 Series, X43 Series, X44 Series, X45 series, X4G Series, X4H Series, X4I Series x4J Series, x4K Series, X4L Series, X4M Series, X50 Series, X51 Series, X52 Series, X53 Series, X54 Series, X55 Series, X56 series, X57 Series, X58 Series, X59 Series, X5A Series, X5B Series, X5C Series, X5D Series, X5E Series, X5G Series, X5I Series, X5J Series, X5K Series, X5L Series, X5M Series, X5P Series, X5Q Series, X5R Series, X61 Series, X62 Series, X64 Series, X66 Series, X67 Series, X70 Series, X71 Series, X72 Series, X73 Series, X75 Series, X77 Series, X7A Series, X7B Series, X7C Series, X7D Series, X80 Series, X81 Series, X82 Series, X83 Series, X84 Series, X85 Series, X87 Series, X88 Series, X8A Series, X8BX8D Series, X8E Series, X8F Series, X90 Series, X93 Series.
Lista modeli w rodzinie X-Series:
X20E, X20S, X20Sg, X23A X23FT, X24E, X32A, X32JT, X32U, X32VT, X33JC, X33SD, X34F, X34JC, X35F, X35JG, X35SD, X35SG, X36JC, X36SD, X36SG, X37U, X40U, X42DE, X42DQ, X42DR, X42DY, X42F, X42JA, X42JB, X42JC, X42JE, X42JK, X42JP, X42JR, X42JV, X42JY, X42JZ, X42N, X43BR, X43BY, X43E, X43SA, X43SD, X43SJ, X43SM, X43SV, X43TA, X43TK, X43U, X44C, X44H, X44HR, X44HY, X44L, X44LY, X45U, X4GJF, X4GJM, X4GJQ, X4GSL, X4GSM, X4GSN, X4HJC, X4IJF, X4ISV, X4JE, X4JSJ, X4KSF, X4KSL, X4KVM, X4LE, X4LSM, X4LSV, X4MSG, X50C, X50Gl, X50M, X50N, X50R, X50RL, X50SL, X50SR, X50V, X50VL, X50Z, X5DAD, X51C, X51H, X51L, X51R, X51RL, X5EAE, X52BY, X52DE, X52DR, X52DY, X52F, X52JB, X52JC, X52JE, X52JK, X52JR, X52JT, X52JU, X52JV, X52N, X52S, X52Sg, X53, X53BR, X53BY, X53E, X53Ka, X53Ke, X53L, X53Q, X53Sa, X53Sc, X53SD, X53Se, X53Sg, X53SJ, X53SK, X53SM, X53Sr, X53Sv, X53TA, X53TK, X53U, X53Z, X54C, X54H, X54HR, X54HY, X54L, X54LY, X55Sa, X55SR, X55SV, X55U, X56A, X56KR, X56SE, X56SN, X56TA, X56TR, X56VA, X56VR, X57Sa, X57Sr, X57Sv, X57Vc, X57Vm, X57Vn, X58C, X58L, X58LE, X59GL, X59SL, X59SR, X5AVc, X5AVn, X5BTp, X5BVF, X5BVG, X5BVN, X5CQ, X5DAB, X5DAD, X5DAF, X5DC, X5DID, X5DIE, X5DIJ, X5DIL, X5DIN, X5DIP, X5EAC, X5EAE, X5GAG, X5GAT, X5GVG, X5GVT, X5IBY, X5IDE, X5IDr, X5IDY, X5IF, X5IJB, X5IJC, X5IJE, X5IJK, X5IJr, X5IJT, X5IJU, X5IJV, X5IN, X5JIJ, X5KF, X5KJC, X5LDA, X5LJT, X5LJU, X5LJV, X5MDA, X5MJF, X5MJG, X5MJL, X5MJN, X5MJQ, X5MSM, X5MSN, X5MSV, X5MTA, X5MTK, X5PE, X5PSJ, X5PE, X5PSJ, X5RE, X61GX, X61Q, X61Sf, X61SL, X61SV, X61Z, X62J, X62VP, X64DA, X64Ja, X64Jq, X64Jv, X64VG, X64VN, X66IC, X67F, X70AB, X70AC, X70AD, X70AF, X70E, X70F, X70IC, X70IJ, X70IL, X70IO, X70Kr, X70L, X70Se, X70Sr, X70Z, X71A, X71Q, X71SL, X71Sr, X71TL, X71Tp, X71Vn, X72DR, X72DY, X72F, X72JK, X72JR, X72JT, X72JU, X72SA, X72SR, X72TL, X72VM, X72VN, X72VR, X73BR, X73BY, X73EX, 73SDX, 73SJ, X73Sl, X73SM, X73SV, X73TA, X73TK, X75A, X75Sv, X75VD, X77JA, X77JQ, X77JV, X77VG, X77VN, X7ADR, X7ADY, X7AF, X7AJK, X7AJR, X7AJT, X7AJU, X7BJF, X7BJG, X7BJN, X7BJQ, X7BSM, X7BSV ,X7CBR, X7CBY, X7CE, X7CSD, X7CSJ, X7CSM, X7CSV, X7CTA, X7CTK, X7DSF, X7DSL, X80A, X80H, X80L, X80Le, X80N, X80Z, X81L, X81Sc, X81Se, X81Sg, X81Sr, X82CR, X82L, X82Q, X82S, X83Vb, X83Vb, X83Vm, X83VM, X84C, X84H, X84HR, X84HY, X84L, X84LY, X85Se, X87Q, X88Se, X88VD, X88Vf, X8AAB, X8AAD, X8AAF, X8AC, X8AID, X8AIE, X8AIJ, X8AIL, X8AIN, X8AIP, X8BJT, X8BVT, X8DIJ, X8EJQ, X8EJV, X8FF, X8FJC, X90SC, X90SV, X93SM, X93SV.


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