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"Fast & effective repairs", "good contact" and "reasonable prices". These are most frequent sentences in our feedback published on G+ and FB.

The biggest laptop repair center in KRK.
Find us in our three convinient locations in Cracow or place order online.
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Fast repairing in reasonable prices!
We have well trained technicians with IPC certificates and modern equipment, so we can repair your laptop faster and cheaper then others.

FREE DIAGNOSIS. We always diagnose your laptop for free and you decide whether to fix it or not.

Reasonable prices

We have reasonable prices,because we’ve experience and modern equipment. We provide free diagnosis for everyone and you can decide to repair your laptop or not. We also don’t charge you, if repair is impossible. You pay only for effective repair.

Effective repairs

We are computer enthusiasts and we love our work. But we know that is impossible to make an effective repairs without wide knowledge and modern equipment. So we have well equipped lab, and we are technicians and engineers with IPC certificates.

Fast repairs

You need your laptop every day: for work, for study, for fun, for entertain … We know it, so if it is broken we will repair it as fast as possible. We can do it, because we have our own modern equipped lab, and well qualified experienced staff.

We provide warranty for our services,
after repairing you will receive a certificate.





“Service medal. I sent them my laptop with a sticky keyboard, because it was flooded with beer and smelled not good. It also did not run. Galileo in a very short time sent me the equipment fully operational and almost as good as new. What’s most important they not broke any hitches as this happens in other companies with whom I had to deal with. Case and plastic part are in perfect condition, nothing protrudes. I’m 100% satisfied customer. Best regards”

Tomek Pingwin
from Google+, translated by Google

“Definitely the best laptop repair company, with which I had recently visited. Very fast performance, reliability and favor of the customer. In addition, I didn’t pay for checking my laptop.”

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“My laptop, which condition was hopeless (according to other services), Galileo diagnosed for free in an hour and repaired within two days. And now, the laptop whizzes me as new. I highly recommend to anyone who needs a service laptops in Krakow. Great service, professional approach to the customer and not at all expensive. “

Maga Fabler
from Google+, translated by Google

“I fix my laptops in Galileo not for the first time and again without a problem, all right, 100% positive – in my opinion the best service in the area, I recommend.”

from, translated by Google

“Absolutely recommended! Very low prices, very fast repair and high quality service. Efficient repairs carried out by qualified personnel. The biggest plus deserves an individual approach to the client. This is the best service laptops Krakow!”

Ferdynand Dzikowski
from, translated by Google

“Last week I was looking for good laptop repair services company in Krakow. I stumbled on Galileo (I have sentiment, because I love watch the Galileo TV series). I often visit many services, because I’m responsible for computers maintenance in my company, but I admit that the quality of service in Galileo is fantastic. And the prices are low (manager recently praised me how much I spent for the repair). I gave them 4 laptops to repair and all picked up efficiently. Their experienced staff quickly solved problems with them. “

Karol SIMS
from Google+, translated by Google

“The case of my HP looked quite hopeless … In two previous sites threw up one’s hands. But qualified personnel from the Galileo gave my laptop a second life and in a relatively short period of time and what is important, for little money. Laptops services recommendable!”

Piotr Kropaczek
from Facebook, translated by Google

“Everything was perfect: great contact and express transaction in a very friendly atmosphere. Highly recommended, thank you and best regards !!!”

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“I was looking for a company which can urgent repair my broken laptop, before Christmas. The first site which I found in the web was Galileo! They managed to repair my laptop quickly, it was ready after 5 days. The location in Lea Street is very good, and opening hours are convenient for hard working people. Diagnosis for free, then phone information about the cost estimate and I could make decision whether to repair or not. One small “minus”, but don’t you think, if something was wrong … Imagine this situation: blonde comes to the site and had to repeat what her colleagues said, … and very nice gentleman told her his complex arguments of true science. But the blonde doesn’t even know what she says 😉 Merry Christmas and thanks a lot! Well done!”

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“I am very pleasantly surprised with your service. My sister was so happy, because we didn’t expect that repair was possible and also keyboard was replaced to new one (Samsung laptop, after the flooding) 🙂 And everything for 200 PLN only. Every laptop or computer in my family will be repaired in your company. I suspect that you can cope with laptops: irradiated, crushed by road roller, salvaged from the bottom of the Mariana Trench, eaten by an elephant and then exported out of his stomach by caesarean section.
Galileo is the king of the laptop repairs like the lion is the king of the jungle! “

from Google+, translated by Google

“I went to Galileo with my laptop, hp pavilion x360, after I spilled a glass of water on the keyboard, while I was working on the project. In the result the electronic components was flooded and situation was critical. I’ve been already in a couple of sites and they all said that repair is impossible. I visited Galileo without any hope, and they surprised me 🙂 Staff was very nice, the first class repair services, they explained what and how, and most important they saved my laptop for a pretty low cost”

Darek Muzolf
from, translated by Google

“I am satisfied for services although the first repair was ineffective and cost me a waste of time. But company as a compensation offered me free repair. I recommend, because everyone can make an mistake, but Galileo will give you a solid guarantee for their services.”

Michał Pers
from Google+, translated by Google

“I think that Galileo is the best laptop repair company, which I have already met. They can fix something, not just replace and it’s not expensive. I have Lenovo G780 which at the end of the guarantee sent to the Lenovo Repair Center (Germany) to exchange hinges. The defect was removed by replacing the cover, but somehow, one month later, my laptop dead and screen was black. The warranty was over, so I gave it to a nearby site, where after two weeks technicians told me, that is the hole in the motherboard and repair is uneconomic. I was broken, because I paid 3000 PLN for this laptop only two years ago. But Galileo fast informed me about the possibility and cost of repair, quickly and professionally resolved problem by repairing the motherboard. Laptop works without any problem and I would like to say thank you and recommend Galileo everyone. They are professional, repair quickly and reliably! “

Tomasz Marszalik
from Facebook, translated by Google

“I would recommend very strongly, great service, fast repair, reasonable price, good contact, just great. Laptop was totally dead and I had no hope, but now works as a new one. I’m surprised and impressed – EXCELLENT !!!!”

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